Spell Casting: How to Cast, Break and Take Care of Magic All on Your Own

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

This morning, I was busy minding my own business, about to get ready to reply to some emails and clear out my space for some wonderfully productive client sessions. Suddenly, I realized something wasn’t quite right - I felt hazy, like I was in some sort of dreamland and like someone was casting a cloud over me.

Normally, I shake this off as personal paranoia, but this morning it felt different - I felt like someone was casting a spell on me!

If at this moment, you are thinking, “Yea, right, Amanda! Don’t be crazy! That’s outrageous. Spells don’t exist. Come ON, are you serious?!” -  I am serious - and if you have a second, hang on and let me explain!

The definition of a spell is this:

An intention that you have for another, which you have place on someone else.

Have you ever wished that someone else would do something to benefit you? Like, for example, fall back in love with you? If we are being honest with ourselves, we’ve all wished this of an ex-lover at one point or another! Our longing alone, our wish, desire and intention that this person remember how great and magical we are is an intention. In our heart of hearts - we have all hopefully intended, at one time or another, someone we love would fall once again under our loving spell.

We set this intention - this person will love me again. Since I’ve intended for this before, I know you have too - at least once.

Bam - spell placed! Congratulations, you’re an accidental spell caster! Magical wishes sent and seeds planted.

You don’t need potions to cast a spell. You don’t need crystals. You don’t need to talk to someone who specializes in magic or witchcraft.

All you need is a strong desire that something happens in someone else’s life. Usually, to your benefit, but not always.

We can all cast a spell with a variety of intentions.

We can cast spells innocently and with no harm intended - this is called “white” magic. And just as we can cast spells with intentions of love and hope, we can also place on someone intentions of non-love and non-hope - this is called “dark” magic.

Have you ever been so angry at someone that you wished they burned their mouth on a TV dinner?

What about so upset with a friend or coworker for a betrayal to you that you wished they would one day know the pain you are feeling? This is a common wish upon partners who have cheated - that they one day know what it feels like, right?!

Even if you don’t really, really, in your heart of hearts wish this evil on someone - it can happen - on accident. 

Remember, a spell is only an intention you place for another.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten to the bottom of what exactly a spell is and how we can all place one,

What do you do if you feel like someone has casted a spell upon you?

1. Decide whether or not you you want to accept this ‘spell’ into your life

The moment you start to feel like someone may have ‘placed’ an intention on you, you can stop it dead in it’s tracks.

Say, for example, we’re talking an ex-boyfriend who wants you to fall back in love with him. This morning, somewhere in Santa Barbara, CA, he wakes up thinking, how can I get her back into my life? I know! I’ll think about her and all the things I could do to win her back.Then, I’ll play some musical serenades (perhaps personally written and played) dedicated to her.

What is going on here? An intention that you’ll fall back in love! A spell.

Do you want to accept it or not? If yes, quit reading this article now. Who cares about the rest of this - you have a love spell to fall under!

If no, throw your hands up as if you are placing a big X in front of your body! Like a hex sign. Immediately block yourself from this energy and say, internally or out loud, “ I permit this spell to go no further! This energy is unwelcome! I am hereby sending it back!”

Or something like that. And have fun with it! I sometimes think of myself in magical, medieval times when I do it - breaking down evil from taking over myself and the world.

Spells, while not all are negative or evil in any way (actually most aren’t) also are referred to with other names - they can be known as intentions, cords, teathers, psychic attack or negative energy.

Disclaimer: If someone has placed a negative intention on you, this may take a little extra work to fully be disintegrated from your life. A psychic, intuitive or energetic healer can genuinely help you with ‘break a spell’ or cut a cord, but it should never cost more than their normal session rates. Seriously. In fact, I recommend this energy healer. She’s fantastic.

Have you found someone who does charge more? While they may not be a fraud, they are definitely dishonest. Here’s what you do: Laugh and walk away - because that’s ridiculous. Go find someone honest and genuine to help.

2. Learn how to psychically protect and defend yourself.

This is key. You’ll want to learn how to guard your energy from the innocent and not-so-innocent influences of other people’s energy and intentions now and forever into the future. As humans, we energetically interact with each other on a day to day basis. And as being who seek honest, genuine connection and caring with others - we also have wishes, desires, hopes and dreams that we place on those around us.

If you are worried about these influences making you sick, affecting you without your knowledge, or impacting your life in ways in which you are not always consciously aware? Then please invest some time and begin to learn about psychic protection and guarding your energy.

On the blog, there are tons of resources on psychic protection, which can be found here, completely for free - from you to me. One white witch to another, just trying to get by.

Also, there are books that you can find to help you with this - and I’ve listed my favorites for you on psychic protection and all topics here.

If you don’t have a lot of time, I actually suggest you start by learning about cords and how to cut them and check this post on how to remove negative energy from your life.

Now, get out there and start protecting yourself!

With love,



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